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HW 8 - 1.What is an adjuvant What decreased rate of...

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1.What is an adjuvant? What decreased rate of immunity do vaccines typically give people over 65? Why? Adjuvants are stimulators that help boost the body’s ability to recognize and respond to a vaccine. These adjuvants can enhance vaccines and help in cancer therapies. Adjuvants also help in stimulating dendritic cells to action in subunit vaccines by activating microbe-recognition receptors in the dendritic cells. These dendritic cells in turn determine the threat and the response. Vaccines given to people over 65 will have a decreased rate of half, since elderly people’s immune systems are not as strong as they were before. They will not be able to develop sufficient enough antibodies to prevent infection. 2. The first vaccine ever distributed to the population was the Salk vaccine for Polio--in the late 1950's. Since then these 2 vaccines have virtually eradicated polio, a disease that crippled and killed thousands of children every year. I want you to get a feeling for what an impact this had on the
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