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HW 9 - no senators to back up algae-growing states to tell...

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1. How is it possible that algae can make fuel? Why does the article say it is not as publicized as biofuels like corn ethanol? According to the company Sapphire Energy, algae can be engineered to produce oils that are molecularly similar to crude oil. Researchers play with the algae by looking at 8,000 new strains each day and experimenting in petri dishes to find the most viable DNA in a certain strain of algae. They also identify the most important genes that contribute to making the algae produce more fat or grow faster. Algae are promising sources because they are the fastest growing plants in the world and can double in a very short period of time. Senators from Corn Belt backed up ethanol as biofuel, but the article says that there are
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Unformatted text preview: no senators to back up algae-growing states to tell Congress to give money to their cause and publicize it. 2. Find out what's going on right here!!! As this article shows, researchers here in San Diego are at the forefront of algal fuel research. For section in week 10, find a short article about alternative energy research taking place here in San Diego, read it and bring it to class, and be prepared to discuss and share your findings with your colleagues. Good places to look: UCSD's search page, The Scripps Research Institute, Sapphire Energy. You might also want to look into the wind turbines outside of San Diego, and any solar power research taking place here....
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