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Review Session 1

Review Session 1 - First Section Review Remember to review...

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First Section Review Remember to review homework articles & lecture slides (Homework Questions) 1. [HW #1] Know the function of cell parts (the examples that represent each organelle) 2. [HW #2] Why is the cancer cell so well adapted for survival? a. How do mutations help develop cancer cells? b. (T or F) Cancer cells are foreign parasites that invade our bodies c. (T or F) Natural Selection has inadvertently helped cancer cells to grow d. What are tumor suppressor proteins and how do they defend against cancer? e. Why does P16 favor the young over old? 3. [HW #3] What is GINA & why was it implemented? a. What is the water cooler exception? b. (T or F) The water cooler exception is illegal under GINA c. What is dangerous of giving incentives to employees if they provide family history? d. {Info given at 2 nd review session}—GINA=Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act: Employers are not allowed to get information and use it against employees. 4. [HW #4] Where was the particular gene segment used as a standard reference for the animal species found? a. Why was this DNA segment suitable? b. (T or F) There is a high level of genetic mitochondrial diversity within our animal species c. ________ _________ are when advantageous mutations displace ancestral variation pruning diversity d. What is the purpose of DNA tags? e. {Info given at 2 nd review session}—Scientist use morphology (study of shape & structure of animal/plants) to classify species, but it is hard and tedious. New way is bar coding: use a segment of DNA found in the mitochondria to distinguish. Use the enzyme cytochrome C (CO1) that provides enough genetic information to distinguish between species.
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5. [HW #5] (At the 1 st review session they only gave questions for HW 1-4) a. “Your cells are my cells”: Microchimerism is the harboring of a small number of foreign cells from a genetically different individual. Benefits— can combat autoimmune diseases & promote tissue regeneration. Negative —can trigger immune attack, more common in those w/ auto immune disorders 6.
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Review Session 1 - First Section Review Remember to review...

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