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Review Session 2 - Review Session#2 Homework HW 1 Cells HW...

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Review Session #2 Homework HW 1 - Cells HW 2 – Evolved for Cancer What theory does the article propose about the high prevalence of cancer in humans? Why? Natural selection/evolution in humans have favored genes that play important roles Human body has developed various defenses that only delay onset of cancer, not eliminates Understanding development and evolution can be used to battle it HW 3 – Law Seeks to Ban Misuse of Genetic Testing What are risks allowing employers to give members incentives to collect health/family history? Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Employers cannot request genetic testing from their employees Employers cannot consider genetic info/family history in promoting, firing, hiring HW 4 – Barcode for Life How do scientists use DNA barcoding to tell difference b/n DNA of 2 similar looking species? Currently, using morphology, study of shape and structure of animals/plants to classify Article proposes segment of DNA that can be used to distinguish b/n all animal species Chosen DNA segment – within mitochondrial genome, called CO1 HW 5 – Your Cells are My Cells What effect do foreign cells present in immune systems? Good thing or bad thing for moms? Microchimerism – harboring of small number of cells that originated in genetically diff. individ. Humans exhibit microchimerism – offspring harbor cells acquired from mothers, vice versa Can be beneficial – combat autoimmune diseases, promote tissue regeneration Can be detrimental – trigger immune attack, more common in people w/ autoimmune disorders HW 6 – No More Cloning Around
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Review Session 2 - Review Session#2 Homework HW 1 Cells HW...

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