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Assignment Four - Yip 1 Stacey Yip A08671483 COCU 100...

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Yip 1 Stacey Yip A08671483 COCU 100: Section A07 Ayhan Aytes Assignment Four, Prompt One 6 June 2011 One for One TOMS is a shoe company that was started in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, an avid traveler. While in Argentina, he discovered that many children did not have the money to purchase shoes and just walked around barefoot. Wanting to help, he created TOMS, a company that is dedicated in sending a pair of shoes over to a child in need with each purchase. In this way, the TOMS motto, “one for one” was launched. Since the initial startup in 2006, TOMS has provided over one million children with shoes in twenty-three different countries across the world, including Argentina, Cambodia, China, and numerous countries in Africa. TOMS’ focus on shoes is vital because many leading diseases in those countries are transferred through the soil, something that can be easily prevented with shoes. Partnering with humanitarian organizations, experts research which areas will benefit the most from shoes that will help the communities’ health and economic needs. After pinpointing the communities that are most in need, TOMS establishes a sustainable partnership and commits to giving shoes in a timely schedule that accounts for giving again when children’s feet grow. In this way, they learn more about how to adapt to the different needs of each community. Since its initial launch in 2006, the TOMS brand has exploded in popularity due to its emotional connectedness and a sense of “imagined community.” The TOMS brand has also gained its popularity through its appealing and humanitarian “one for one” motto, as well as its effective social marketing. One of the ways in which the TOMS brand has appeared as a new brand culture is in its way of creating an emotional connectedness and imagined community. By focusing its cause on
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Yip 2 a charitable act of donating a pair of shoes to a child in need with each purchase of a pair, it
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Assignment Four - Yip 1 Stacey Yip A08671483 COCU 100...

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