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Reading Reflection #4

Reading Reflection #4 - Yip 1 Stacey Yip EDS 136/139 Sarah...

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Yip 1 Stacey Yip EDS 136/139 Sarah Simpson 25 April 2011 Reading Reflection #4 My general understanding of disabilities of any type is that those who have disabilities are incapable of being placed in the same classroom as those who do not have disabilities. Regardless of the classroom, I grew up with the notion that those with disabilities were ‘others’ who I had to pity for being in a less fortunate state than me. I have had many experiences with children who have learning and emotional disabilities. I used to babysit for my church’s family bible study, which usually involved ten to fifteen children and two babysitters. Out of those children, one was severely autistic and diagnosed as mentally retarded. He could not take instruction from me or the other babysitter and was in his own world most of the time. He also did not know the appropriate way to interact with the other children, and had a liking for pinching those around him. Because of this, one of the babysitters had to keep watch on him at all times to ensure the other kids’ safety as well as his own.
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