Tutoring Journal #2

Tutoring Journal #2 - academics Hopefully by bringing in...

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Yip 1 Stacey Yip EDS 136/139 Sarah Simpson 11 March 2011 Tutoring Journal #2 My orientation experience at Crawford Multimedia and Visual Arts School was very brief. The counselor, Dan Dadmun, mostly asked us UCSD tutors questions about our backgrounds in tutoring, our current majors and interests, and future career plans. He did not go into specifics about the school itself and its challenges and goals, besides the normal goal of empowering students for future success. He did mention that a lot of the students that we would interact with do not come from affluent backgrounds, and warned us that they might say things to us that would be rude or inappropriate. Upon my own observations of the school while I was there, however, it seemed like the students already had an unreceptive vibe towards us when we walked the hallways. I think a challenge that the school seems to face is apathy towards
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Unformatted text preview: academics. Hopefully by bringing in tutors like us, the school is able to address this issue through an unofficial mentorship or friendship that we have to offer the students, therefore encouraging them to be career-minded and goal-oriented. I have not been assigned a classroom or tutee yet, but being a communication major, I have a feeling that they will place me in an English classroom. I do not know exactly what kind of project I can do since I have not received my assigned class yet, but if I do end up in an English class, something like a vocabulary puzzle or reading comprehension game could be useful. I think a storybook of some kind could also be fun and engaging if the class is going through a novel. I’m sure more ideas will come to mind after I know what I am working with and who I would be partnering with. Yip 2...
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Tutoring Journal #2 - academics Hopefully by bringing in...

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