Tutroing Journal #7

Tutroing Journal #7 - light though If Crawford MVAS does...

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Stacey Yip EDS 136/139 Sarah Simpson 16 May 2011 Tutoring Journal #7 Name: Stacey Yip Dates: None this week (STAR testing) Place: Crawford MVAS – Ms. Bell (10 th grade English) and Ms. Thompson (11 th grade American Literature) Time: 22.75 hours total I did not have a chance to talk to my host teacher about how the school established school-family-community relationships this week because it as STAR testing week and my teacher did not need me there. From what I have seen, however, I do know that parents are notified when students fail to complete homework assignments or act out during class. I do not know if anything is done to establish a relationship with parents and the community in a positive
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Unformatted text preview: light, though. If Crawford MVAS does not do so already, I would suggest parent-teacher conferences. These conferences, usually found in elementary and middle school, seem really effective in getting parents engaged and interested in their children’s education. For community relationships, I would suggest asking different organizations in the community to sponsor school events, and to have businessmen and women come into schools to talk about their careers. I think this would be a great way to get the community involved with the school, as well as a way in which students could benefit from listening to their experience....
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Tutroing Journal #7 - light though If Crawford MVAS does...

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