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Yip 1 Stacey Yip EDS 136/139 Professor Chung/Sarah Simpson 22 April 2011 Project Proposal Crawford Multimedia and Visual Arts School (MVAS) is part of a group of four small high schools that make up the Crawford High Educational Complex in San Diego, California. MVAS enrolls roughly 400 students each year according to its own website 1 . It also says on the website that while they do have a core curriculum just like every other high school, they are also exposed to technology to express their creativity. This may include designing web pages, learning video production, and creating graphic arts. The emphasis on multimedia and visual arts is unique and allows students to focus in one area of a specific interest. However, according to the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) 2 , it reports that more than half of all the students are not proficient in English-language arts and mathematics for the California High School Exit Exam. The Academic Performance Index (API) of MVAS has a statewide rank of one, which means that the school has an API score in the lowest ten percent of all schools in the state. It is also reported that the high school has not met the majority of the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) criteria. These statistics show the challenges that MVAS faces in educating their students to be proficient in state and nationwide academic material. From my tutoring experience so far at MVAS, it seems as though many students are unmotivated to learn and apply themselves, which probably plays into a key factor in MVAS’ low scores. 1 2
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Yip 2 According to the 2008-2009 SARC data, the racial makeup of Crawford MVAS is majority Hispanic (51.5%), Indochinese (22.4%), and African-American (17.4%).
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Project Proposal - Yip 1 Stacey Yip EDS 136/139 Professor...

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