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Take Home Exam 2

Take Home Exam 2 - Yip 1 Stacey Yip COSF 100 Section A07...

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Yip 1 Stacey Yip COSF 100: Section A07 Jenny Ryan 17 February 2011 Question One Technological determinism is the idea that technology creates the modern world. It starts with the internal process of research and development with individual thinkers and scientists, relating to Mills’ thought on the individual genius. This sets the conditions for technological progress, making it inevitable for new inventions of technologies over time. In turn, these technological inventions are the central causal force for driving historical and sociocultural change. Cultural determinism, on the other hand, is the idea that technology is not invented, but developed as a consequence of cultural and societal changes. Cultural determinism looks at sociocultural context as well as economic forces that bring about the development of technologies. An example that can be applied to both technological and cultural determinism is the discourse about online television. The online video player for the ABC network has been praised by many reviewers as the best set up of online television that all the networks have to offer. From its quality graphics to the ease of usage, the ABC video player has set the standard of online television and has changed how Americans watch television in society. From a technological determinist perspective, the online video player for ABC has changed modern society in how they view television. Before, viewers needed to be at home at the right time to watch their favorite programs. Now, the online player makes programs accessible at any given day and moment (given one is in America and has internet), and has transformed television into something completely different. Viewers no longer have to rely on taping their shows with old school VCRs, or even worse, finding illegal ways of downloading episodes of their shows in the hopes of catching up. Piracy of television is
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Yip 2 no longer as big of an issue as it was before with the ease and accessibility of programs. Advertisements for these online programs are also a big role in shaping society. Television is no longer a detached form of media for its audience, but has instead become interactive within these online programs. Many commercials for the ABC player features interactive games and quizzes that humanize the advertisements, allowing for connections with the audience. From these connections, a better economy can be created since viewers can personally identify with the advertisements. A cultural determinist view on online television can also be argued. One could say, for example, that the economic downturn of the twenty-first century lowered ratings on public television programs due to the busyness of work and many viewers juggling two full-time jobs. Americans no longer had the ability to be at home at the right time to catch their favorite
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Take Home Exam 2 - Yip 1 Stacey Yip COSF 100 Section A07...

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