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Take Home Exam 3 - Yip 1 Stacey Yip COSF 100 Jenny Ryan 17...

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Yip 1 Stacey Yip COSF 100 Jenny Ryan 17 March 2011 Question One In Hallin’s article, he discusses how public service-oriented, objective, professional news journalism has been receding and has been replaced by market-driven journalism. By public service-oriented news journalism, he means journalism that is trying to increase public awareness about important issues for the greater good of society. Not only that, but Hallin discusses objective professional news journalism as one in which the journalists have a non- political standpoint in reporting events with a neutral criteria as to what is worthy to be published. Professional news journalism also strives for equilibrium between business and journalism. Market-driven journalism, on the other hand, puts business above journalism in that it strives to make the most profit out of journalism with disregard to public service or objectivity. Hallin discusses two theories that help to explain why market-driven journalism has increased and is slowly driving out profession news journalism. One is the readership theory, essentially saying that readership has declined because of other alternative and more popular sources – this is mainly television. Because of this decline, journalists have been forced to go against professional news journalism and increase readership by publishing what they think the audience would like. This attitude aligns with the phrase, “give them what they want.” The other theory is the stockholder theory, which says that the public ownership of newspapers due to stockholders has shifted a professional journalistic view into a market-driven, profit-making one. I agree with Hallin’s assessment of the effects of market-driven journalism. It is very hard to find unbiased news sources presently. It is rare to find journalists who are sincerely concerned
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Yip 2 with raising public awareness of important issues, and more frequent to see journalists who are driven by profit to only report ‘newsworthy’ material. Hallin states that he does not think professional news journalism will cease to exist, but his discussion does show the threats of market-driven journalism. In the Downie and Schudson article, they offer six recommendations for sustaining independent and credible news reporting. One of these recommendations is to have university sponsored news sources. The idea would be to gather students who are actually willing and have the desire to write and expose important issues, with an added incentive of giving them course credit. Another bonus would be the university faculty, who has the tools, resources, and expertise to guide students and supervise the news source. The faculty also has the incentive to run such news sources because of the tenure system – they want notoriety and their work to be published. I agree with this recommendation because I can see it happening. The positive aspect of this recommendation is that the people, time, and infrastructure are all set up already, which
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Take Home Exam 3 - Yip 1 Stacey Yip COSF 100 Jenny Ryan 17...

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