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Research Assignment #2

Research Assignment #2 - Research Assignment#2 Econ 2106...

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Research Assignment #2 Econ 2106 Price Elasticity & Stamps This assignment is due on Monday, October 3 rd . You are required to turn in a hard copy in class, and you must also email me a typed copy with your name, date, and assignment title. Late research assignments will NOT be accepted for credit. Every assignment will be checked with plagiarism detection software. In accordance with university policy, all forms of suspected plagiarism will be reported to the Office of Student Academic Services as a possible violation of the academic dishonesty policy. The U.S. Post Office is one of the few organizations that uses the following business model: as its costs increase… it simply raises price every year or so. You will be surprised to find that this business model is not working in the favor of the U.S. Post Office, and ultimately not in the best interest of tax payers. The U.S. Post Office is in the midst of severe financial problems.
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