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“C. Elegans Lab” Stephanie Pham Bio 1103L, 8am Thursday H. Dykstra Partners: Alexis Enriquez Spring 2011
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Pham 2 There are still numerous questions on how the biology of organisms works, and more experimental research is required in order to gain more knowledge on the function of certain mechanisms in the human body. More specifically, there is a lack of information in the area of genetics, which concern disorders inherited through genes. Due to ethical issues, experiments concerning genetics cannot be actively done on humans, which means that another specimen is required in order to continue research. One organism used for this purpose is Caenorhabditis elegans , or C. elegans for short. There are numerous reasons why these worms are utilized in these experiments: they are eukaryotes, meaning that they possess cellular and molecular structures such as membrane bound organelles and DNA organized into chromosomes. Because they are multicellular organisms, they undergo a complex developmental process from larvae to adults; thus, information that we obtain from C. elegans may be directly applicable to more complex organisms, such as humans. (The C. elegans Project). In terms of the experiment, the objective was to determine if a specific mutation was either sex linked or autosomal, and if it was a dominant or recessive trait. C. elegans are either hermaphrodites or males: males cannot mate with each other, and hermaphrodites are able to
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C Elegans Rough Draft - C. Elegans Lab Stephanie Pham Bio...

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