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Pham 1 “Studies Show That Carb Cutter Isn’t Making the Cut” Stephanie Pham Bio 1103L, 8am Thursday H. Dykstra Partners: Alina, Irene, Briauna Spring 2011
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Pham 2 It’s time to hit the gym and find another way to lose that extra weight because those diet pills are not working. For example, one of the many diet supplements available on the market, Carb Cutter, claims to promote weight loss by preventing carbohydrates from being turned into fat when they are absorbed into the digestive system (Diet Reviews). This is done by stopping the amylase enzyme from processing starch in the body, so users can eat all the carbs they want. . Additionally, other benefits for Carb Cutter users include reduced cravings, leaner muscle tissues, and a natural energy boost (Diet Review). It sounds like every dieter’s dream come true. However, a recent study done at the University of Georgia suggests that Carb Cutter is not doing its job as a weight loss aid. Researchers tested the effectiveness of the supplement by testing its ability to prevent starch from being digested. Essentially, they created two “stomachs” (a control and an experimental one) in order to mimic the real-life reactions that occur when food
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Carb Cutter Draft - Pham 1 Studies Show That Carb Cutter...

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