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Self Intro Outline

Self Intro Outline - iii never again iv Content for a long...

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Stephanie Pham SPCM 1100 – Section 62-661 Self Introduction Speech Fall 2011 Target Audience: my peers and professor Specific Purpose: to deliver a nice self introduction speech, but also to encourage others to take risks and face fears Value Statement: fear can be conquered Central Idea or Thesis: everyone has fears, but can face them Organizational Pattern: chronological(?), spiral(?) Fear Factor Introduction I. Fears a. We all have them i. Human nature; weird if we didn’t II. Everyone is afraid of something i. Ex: the dark, clowns, bugs, getting married ii. Has impact on our lives b. How long can we live like that? c. Decide I couldn’t III. I conquered my fear of heights this summer Body I. How it started- acrophobia a. Go back to childhood b. Climbed a tree and failed i. traumatic ii. punishment
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Unformatted text preview: iii. never again! iv. Content for a long time ( which brings us to last summer ) II. Skydiving a. Friends 21 st Birthday i. Lets Get High! IV. Watching episode of Las Vegas a. Panic at the thought of doing something is a challenge to do it b. Confronting fear is conquering fear i. WHY NOT? ( which brings us to actual day of ) III. Day of a. Signing my life away i. Contract 1. If I DIE ii. Instructional videos iii. Send last tweet b. In plane i. 14000ft- longest ride of my life ii. Seeing friend sucked of a vacuum iii. No hesitation iv. Free fall- shortest ride of my life ( I didnt die!! ) Conclusion I. Breathtaking view and experience II. We all have fears III. Up to us to face them IV. Bungee jumping?...
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Self Intro Outline - iii never again iv Content for a long...

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