IRE - Pham 1 Stephanie Pham A Shaw English 1102 7 December...

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Pham 1 Stephanie Pham A. Shaw English 1102 7 December 2010 Reflective Introduction Since I've been in English 1102, I have been able to learn more about the writing process and the skill set needed to create a well written paper. The course has forced me to examine my own writing process and my proficiency as a writer, which has also allowed me to identify both my strong and weak points. My strengths as a writer include developing a concise thesis, creating body paragraphs that refer back to the thesis, and peer reviewing, while my weakness is elaborating further on evidence or analysis. My main asset as a writer is my ability to create a good thesis: one that is succinct, interesting, and arguable. A good thesis is one that is not too broad or vague, but one that is also not so focused as to limit the scope of the essay. If a thesis is general, then there is too much content for an essay to cover. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a thesis that is too specific can seem formulaic or limiting for the writer. In my opinion, a well written thesis allows the writer to cover a topic in just the perfect amount of words. For example, I don't want to write
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IRE - Pham 1 Stephanie Pham A Shaw English 1102 7 December...

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