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Essay 2 Conference Soloman - Solomon Walker English 1102...

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Solomon Walker English 1102 Shaw Humanity's Ignorance of Chaos as Portrayed in Auden's “Musèe des Beaux Arts” Over the last century, people have become more and more apathetic to human suffering and global disasters. The birth of modern warfare and mass communications in the early twentieth century numbed people to the shock of death and destruction. This persistent and growing lack of feeling for one's fellow human has created has brought about many literary works exposing this apathy, one of which is Auden's “Musèe Des Beaux Arts.” In “Musèe des Beaux Arts”, Auden criticizes humanity for being pleasantly and purposely ignorant to the chaos and suffering that mankind faces and for believing that that evil is destined to happen whether or not humanity takes a stance against it. In “Musèe des Beaux Arts,” Auden emphasizes the point that humanity has grown so indifferent to the chaos of the world that they believe that the chaos will happen regardless of human emotion or reaction, which gives humanity an excuse to not worry of the evil of the world. In the first portion of the poem, Auden writes how “the aged. ..never forgot/ That even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course” (9-10) and therefore, suffering and chaos must continue throughout the world and will continue regardless of human thought or reaction. The elderly of the world have seen so much suffering in their lives that many grow numb to the shock of violent acts. Many of the aged see the violence as part of the workings of the world and believe that violence will always happen. Each and every person, whether they be “eating or opening a window or just walking dully along” (4) is ignorant of the individual suffering that might be going on around them, and if they knew of it, they would not act. As people learn of more and more violence around them, it becomes happenstance and people react less and less
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Essay 2 Conference Soloman - Solomon Walker English 1102...

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