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Pham 1 Stephanie Pham A. Shaw English 1102 1 November 2010 Essay Three Refined Idea Question: How does Oscar Wilde convey various attitudes towards marriage, and what does this say about the time period? **Pleasure vs business** Oscar Wilde presents various views of not only marriage, but also of the courtship and proposal that precede a marriage. He conveys the idea that romance is not related to marriage; the two concepts are expressly separate and should have nothing to do with each other. For example, Algernon states that “girls never marry the men they flirt with. [They] don't think it right” (975). In addition, he believes that while “it is very romantic to be in love,. ..there is nothing romantic about a definite proposal” (975). This explicitly signifies that the people of that time did not marry for love; they could flirt as much as
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Unformatted text preview: they desired, but ultimately, it was not acceptable for them to marry the men they actually liked. Moreover, Wilde presents the idea of proposals being business and not pleasure. When Jack proposes to Gwendolyn, she remarks that he has had “very little experience in how to propose,. ..[and that] men often purpose for practice” (981). This signifies that proposal is an art to be practiced and perfected, which means that it should be done often and with many women. Thus, proposals really have little to do with marriage or romance. Essentially, the dominant view is that marriage is business. Although the characters end up marrying for what seems to be love, the general consensus is that marriage is not for romance, but conformity to social standards and norms. The marriages still have to be arranged according to rules....
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