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Ways of Knowin1 - • Split brain behaviorist studies •...

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Ways of Knowing 1. Ad hominem: Doesn’t directly affect the argument 2. Appeal to pity: doesn’t effect the strength of an argument 3. Jack Kerovac: “ Walking on water wasn’t built in a day” 4. Oliver Sacks: can open doors of creativity that can otherwise never occur 5. The Brain: Weight: 3 pounds Neurons: 100 billion Mostly made out of fat and protein Left and right hemispheres Hemispheres have different functions but are highly integrated 6. Split Brain Studies:
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Unformatted text preview: • Split brain behaviorist studies • Corpus collosum severs to help people with epilepsy • Eyes: right eye left cortex, Left eye right cortex • When corpus collosum split the brain couldn’t connect the two sides and transmit information • The speech center is in the left cortex so when they would see things out of their right eye they could tell you what they were but seeing things out of their left eye they could not....
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