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9/16 Citizens United Nonprofit; public advocacy Wanted to disseminate a movie about Hillary Clinton via video on demand, cable, DVD, theater EXEMPTIONS TO BCRA: Can put in theater but not cable MCFL (Massachusetts)- certain nonprofits are exempt from FECA and BCRA If there are no shareholders If it doesn’t accept money from business corporations Citizens United does not fall under this because it accepts money from business corps Press Exemption If it is a part of press coverage, it is legal This undoes the law because it treats the press special/different But can’t purchase ads Some corporations can speak to their hearts delight because they are nonprofits that only gain money from the people and are press like Fox, Viacom, CBS that are in the business of disseminating commentary RESTRICTIONS OF BCRA: (pg. 297) can’t refer to candidate can’t be disseminated 30 days before a primary and 60 days before a general election can’t reach relevant audience (voters) can’t be sponsored by a corporation CASE: Wisconsin Right to Life (WRTL) Narrowed statute of BCRA Functional equivalent of expressed advocacy Not allowed Can refer to candidate
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JRLC5040ClassNotes.docx - 9/16 Citizens United Nonprofit;...

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