Lecture%208-%20Sampling%2c%20continued - She assigns a...

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I. Types of Probability Sampling *A. Simple Random *B. Systematic Random *C. Stratified Random *D. Cluster Sampling 1. single stage cluster sample  2. multistage cluster sample 3. probability proportionate to size   II. Types of Nonprobabilty Sampling: *A.  Reliance on available respondents *1. Convenience Sampling *2. Voluntary Response Sampling
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*B. Purposive or Judgmental Sampling  *C. Quota Sampling  *D. Referral (Snowball) Sampling   Try it Out… *1. Kyle is interested in individuals’ preference of breakfast  cereal. He stops every third person walking to school  and asks them what their favorite cereal is.  *2. Alicia wants to know how long it takes for UGA  students to graduate. She examines the transcripts of  all UGA graduates for the past five years.  *3. Ellen wants to determine her teaching effectiveness. 
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Unformatted text preview: She assigns a number to each of her 35 students, and then selects ten numbers out of a hat—the students with these ten numbers are selected to be in her study. *4. Sarah is studying conflict in marital relationships. She wants to study 50 couples. The first couple she found attends her church. After she spoke with that couple, she asked them if they had any friends who would be interested in participating in the study. They give her a list of 4 couples. From these 4 couples, she finds enough couples to complete her study. III. Problems with Sampling (Error) * A. Inadequacy in getting observations * B. The sample differs from the population in a meaningful way Team Task 1 Review...
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Lecture%208-%20Sampling%2c%20continued - She assigns a...

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