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KIC000048 - 5-6(p 141 A1Iillnali'te Action The deIlllle...

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Exam 1 Review- Management 471 Fall 2010 Semester Chapter 1: Human Resource Management (p. 4); as a core competency (p. 6) Strategic HRM Human capital HR activities Changing roles of HRM (p. 11, Figure 1-3) Transformation of HR (p. 13, Figure 1-4) Strategic business partner (p. 13); seat at the table H R challenges/trends Globalization Economic changes Technology Demographics/diversity Outsourcing HRMS Ethics Generalist vs. specialist HR competencies HR Certification Chapter 4: Equal Employmen1 Opportunity (EEO) and EEOC Disparate Treatment vs. Disparate impact (or adverse impacI) Business necessity and JOB RELATEDNESS BFOQ Non-retaliation Burden of proof EEO Laws, PROTECTED CLASSES (p. 106, Figure 4-3) Reasonable AccommodlItion; undue hardship-disability and religion sexual harassment Disability deftililioi i Essential job functions Questions you can and can't ask (p. 117, Figure 4-6) Job-related validation 415ths rule Figure 4-9 ChapterS: Sexual harassment Quid pro QUo YS. hostile environment Figure 5-6 (p. 141) A1Iillnali'te
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Unformatted text preview: 5-6 (p. 141) A1Iillnali'te Action: The deIlllle VI/ho's covered Diversity Management-FlQune 5-10, p. 151 I)iverSity training Reverse discrimination Nepotism Chapter 16: Statutory and contractual rights Employment contracts Noo-compete clause Implied contracts Employment liability insurance Employment-at-wililaw/policies Wrongful discharge Just cause Due process Arbitration, peer review, ombuds Free speech--within limits Privacy rights and records Dress and appearance codes Workplace monitoring; tracking internet use, video surveillance; email monitoring Substance abuse and drug testing Employee handbooks Employee discipline Progressive discipline process Why don't managers want to discipline? Train them! Termination-use backup, escort Separation agreement Also review slides and notes taken in class, textbook...
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KIC000048 - 5-6(p 141 A1Iillnali'te Action The deIlllle...

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