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TEA M PRO J E C T 85 Human Resource System Evaluation 295 85. TERM PROJECT Human Resource System Evaluation 1. Objective: To help you critically analyze a human resource management system, identify problems, and recommend constructive improvements. IT. Out-of-Class Preparation Time: 3Q.:-40hburs per group (10-15 hours per individual' student) ill. In-Class Time Suggested: None; unless an oral report is required by the instructor IV: Procedures: You should Identify a realorganization, fonn groups of MO to three people, and receive permission from either the CEO or the Personnel Director to study the-organization: Once permission is received, ycurgroupshould arrange to interview as many of the follow- ingas possible: the Human Resources Director, other human resource department employees, employees perforining different functions at dif- ferent levels in the organizatioruand labor union officials (if any). v: General Purpose: The study will focus-upon the selected organization's human resources and employee relations objectives, structures, policies, practices, and selected administrative problems. It will give you the opportunity to leamfirsthand about the management of human resource systems in actual organizations. It will also provide you with the oppor- tunity todevelop field research methodologies and evaluation skills that should prove beneficial in future academic and professional assignments. Finally; for the organization cooperating with each of the student pro- jects, the results of these studies should be helpful in future efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their human resource systems. _. ,. ..The.finaLproduct of this study will bea comprehensive written -- ",report to be.submitted no later than one week before the end of the tenn. Each of you should assume the stance of an outside consultant who has b""eencalled·in to evaluate the human resource system of the particular .. organization At a minimum, the paper should reflect the items contained in the Evaluation Guide that follows, Alternatively,. your instructor may permit each group to focus on one or-a -few selected parts of the organi- zation's human resource system. . .. Evaluation Guide . L The Organization and Its Mission A. When and why was this organization established? 1. Under what statutory or legal authority was it created? 2. What are the principal needs and objectives that the organiza- tion is designed to fulfill?
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296 " .. - :.:~ ":.,'; '1' - . ",".- '-. :". : .": r" . . .'. PA RT 7 Hl. .iMAt'i RESOL'RCE ACDITS/TER.'v[ .-\SSIG0<Y[E':-"15 : :..~. . B. What are the structural components of the organization? . 1. How is the organization organized to carry out its objectives? 2.
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KIC000050 - TEA M PRO 85 TERM J E C T 85 Human Resource...

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