KIC000051 - when a current Bethany Manor employee can't...

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Does the organization conduct periodically internal and or external wage surveys? when a current Bethany Manor employee can't pick up a shift and they have to call an agency of traveling nursing staff to come in a work. This puts a huge damper on the money Bethany Manor spends on paying the agency to give to their employees. IV. Determination of Working Conditions and Rewards A. Is an occupational classification system utilized by the organization? Yes. (RHONDA IS PRINTING CLASSIFICATIONSYSTEM CHART OFF) B. How are wage and salary levels determined? Dale is in charge of doing this particular part of the human resource function. The market for this particular industry is carefully reviewed. Bethany Manor tries to be one of the top paying facilities within the region because of the completion of trying to find employees to come and work at Bethany in such a desolate location. National and State surveys are utilized in order to find out what they National and State wages are within facilities. Employment and benefit wage surveys are also conducted. Compensation package is done by? (EMAIL RHONDA) Yes, Bethany Manor does conduct these surveys all the time. They participate in the David P. lind and Associates survey, as well as the Iowa Employment Benefits Study. The David P. lind Associates Survey is. .. The Iowa Employment Benefits Study is (EMAIL RHONDA ABOUT EACH SURVEY IN DETAIL) Rhonda participates in an annual survey where she puts in the information of her organizations current wage and the state takes a look at it and compiles information and sends it back to the employer. Iowa Saw Survey- (WHAT IS THIS SURVEY) Does the current reward system adequately reward employees? Hope Awards- Hope awards are written notifications that an employee is being appreciated by someone else. An employee can write the name ofthe person on a hope award and write why they appreciate them and then management posts it for everyone to see. The Charting Reward- Charting needs to be completed by the end of every shift on every resident. A system is in place where whatever floor completes its charting to 100% gets a pizza party. C. What method is used for evaluation employees for the purpose of determining their effectiveness and any merited salary increases?
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Stay in interview after three months- Employees are given an interview as well as an evaluation of how they are doing within their three months that they have been there. This is done by the floor supervisor that the employee works on. It is a chance for the employee to ask any questions or complain about problems that they are having. Annually performance evaluation- This is completed once a year, again by the floor manager. They look at different aspects such as behavior, attitude, tardiness, charting evaluation, communication, relationships, and any complaints that have been placed on the employee. D. How adequate
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KIC000051 - when a current Bethany Manor employee can't...

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