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Essay 1 (Summarizing a Text / Diagnostic) – 5 points Purpose : To write a summary of an assigned text. Mission : Select any written article inside of Everything’s an Argument . Take this article to the photocopier and make a copy of it. Once you have a copy, I want you to closely and carefully annotate the article like we discussed in class. Respond to the author. Underline key phrases and ideas. Write in the margins. Put a star next to the thesis statement. Remember that the articles in the textbook are not holy relics. You’re allowed to write on and around them. After annotating the article, write a summary of the article. The summary should be included in a larger essay that addresses the question of how effective the article is. We will be talking a great
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Unformatted text preview: deal about effective and ineffective writing. How do you think this author is doing? Feel free to disagree if you’d like, but maintain an academic tone at all times. I would like your annotation, rough draft, and final draft to be included in your assignment folder. Grading Criteria : You should be able to demonstrate the ability to do the following: • Clearly summarize the text • Good organization • Smooth transitions • Write / identify a clear thesis, beginning with a general, introductory paragraph • Support that thesis with well-paragraphed details Length : 2-3 pages Format : MLA (See Everything’s an Argument , page 567) Due : Rough draft of summary and annotated article due September 7th; Final draft due Monday, September 9th...
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