Declaration of Independence Worksheet

Declaration of Independence Worksheet - 7 Who has the power...

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Declaration of Independence Worksheet Instructions: Answer each of the following questions as thoroughly as needed. You will find all of the answers in the Declaration of Independence in the order that they appear on this worksheet. (The only exceptions are #12 and #13, which require a dictionary.) You may add more space for answers if you need it. This will be the topic for Thursday, September 8. Please bring your worksheet to class on that day. 1. Why did Jefferson believe that the colonists had a right to be independent? 2. What reason did Jefferson give for writing this document? 3. What “self-evident” truths did Jefferson name? 4. What was Jefferson’s purpose in identifying these self-evident truths? 5. What makes a right “unalienable”? 6. Why does Jefferson say that governments are created?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Who has the power to change the government? 8. When would changing a government be warranted? 9. How, according to Jefferson, should a government be designed? 10. When should a government NOT be changed? 11. Why do people sometimes tolerate a government that is not good? 12. What is usurpation? 13. How is this different from tyranny? 14. How did Jefferson justify his view that King George III was a tyrant? 15. According to Jefferson, was the American Revolution a choice of the colonists or was it forced upon them? Explain your answer. 16. What does the Declaration of Independence declare the colonies have a right to do? 17. What risks did the signers face by placing their names on this document?...
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Declaration of Independence Worksheet - 7 Who has the power...

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