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Final Exam--Fall 2011 - Final Exam History 1103Fall 2011...

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Final Exam History 1103—Fall 2011 Answer one of the following essay choices as thoroughly as possible in the time provided. Use specific events, laws, trends, etc. to explain your answer. 1. Since our country’s beginning, there has been a constant struggle between the forces of liberty and order. First, define each and contrast their motivations. Then, chronicle this conflict since the adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1788. Identify the struggles of each era (listed below) and the groups that adopted each ideology. Remember that these forces are not always entirely political and often change. (Republicans and Democrats, for example, have each adopted both philosophies—but at different times.) 2. Trace the changing roles of women in each era of American history (listed below). Be sure to include social, cultural, economic, and political changes throughout the essay (although you do not have to discuss each in each era). 3. It is unfortunate that prejudice is a constant throughout American history. Each time the victimized group has been “not like us.” Chronicle the prejudice in each era (listed below), identify the “us,” give the reasons for discrimination, and describe
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Final Exam--Fall 2011 - Final Exam History 1103Fall 2011...

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