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Relationship Analysis Paper

Relationship Analysis Paper - Natasha Khan 1 Relationship...

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Natasha Khan 1 Relationship Analysis Paper If a stranger witnessed my sister and I reuniting after a couple of weeks of being apart, they would assume we had not seen each other in years. I am close with my whole family; however my relationship with my sister, Sarah, is unique. Even though we fight occasionally, as all siblings do, we have a continual bond that has a positive effect on us both. Sarah and I were just about the only permanent presence in each other lives, due to partially being brought up overseas. Being raised with the same cultural values, developing similar interests, and only being eighteen months apart contributed to our strong bond by bringing us closer together. My family lived overseas in Pakistan for the first eight years of my life because it is my Dad’s native country while my Mom is from Texas. During the eight years that we lived there, every summer we would go back to Texas to spend it with my Mom’s family so our enculturation process was a combination of Pakistani and American traditions. We grew up celebrating Christmas as well as Eid, which is a Pakistani holiday where each family buys a cow to slaughter and then gives half the meat to the poor. It is hard for people that have lived in the United States their whole lives to understand what living overseas is like but Sarah understands and remembers all the traditions we used to celebrate. As a result, being able to talk
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Natasha Khan 2 Relationship Analysis Paper
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