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Unformatted text preview: Web Pages Lambdin Gnu Ha! News of the Day No Pizza No victory Sadness! My old Social Organization thrown off campus! Oh well! However! USC Equestrian: 10 #5 USC 9 Also: #4 OSU! USA/China Others 29 Canada 09 Own the Podium! Killer Web Pages Good content Interesting design! Crucial Opening screen Only 10% scroll past! Introductory aesthetics! Achieve Introductory statement Overview How? Interesting Useful! More Pages 4 pages good Divide & conquer Specialize as needed! Let readers decide. Make Phrasing Clear! Be concise \\\ Alabama The Clemson Slide! It sux! Watch Font Size Generally 32 pt. Maybe 24 Whatever! Remember Not all have RoadRunner Beep Beep! Dammit! In The End Clarity Consisity Cohesion The 3 C’s F! Your team will make one! Enjoy! Questions? Tough! ...
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