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Unformatted text preview: Oral Presentations Oral Presentations Dr. R. T. Lambdin, Sapa You Preparation The H Lecture But First: But First: W & M is in one of the toughest conferences! Good try gang! Also Also Let us know when your Organization Team Whatever Is Doing something. Extra Credit Doing Attending Giving Presentations Giving Presentations Improves 3 areas: Confidence Poise Character! How? Preparation Preparation Vomit out ideas Cluster Loose Outline Find 3 main points Goal and Objective Goal and Objective Introduction Catchy Funny Personal Engaging 3 main points Cool conclusion Content Content Catch Phrase: Tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em! Tell ‘em Tell ‘em what you told ‘em! Preparation Preparation Time yourself Watch yourself in the mirror Remember to prepare for EARS, not eyes (spoken vs. written word) More Prep More Prep Cut out stumbling blocks (long sentences/big words) 2 Syllables good! Not all are USC grads! Give it your personality Active words Punchy expressions Edgy language Use lots of animation, photos, tables, & graphs Always Sell Yourself Always Sell Yourself Make people like you! Lots of personality Happy/Friendly attitude (it’s all good) Open with a personal anecdote Restate and summarize frequently! Nelly’s Christmas CD/Download/Whatever It’s a Performance! It’s a Performance! Remember costume (Look the part!)* Avoid dullness at all costs! No glazed eyeball syndrome *Ask me about this For Us For Us What should you wear? What would you wear? What time is it? How long would you have to wear it? You will have ample opportunity soon enuff! For Ours For Ours Look presentable No hats No gum No silly/shitty shirts Hole­less Won’t walk away by themselves. Be ladies and gents. Probably don’t want to emulate Ke$ha! DJ­­­Turn it up! Delivery Delivery Or How to Make Yourself Look Like You Know What You’re Talking About! Statistically Speaking Statistically Speaking Only a 1 in 10 chance of something you greatly fear actually occurring # 1 Stumbling block to a smooth delivery= NERVES Fight Nerves Fight Nerves Walk briskly around building Breathe deeply Relax jaw Dangle arms and legs Keep loose Sometimes you have to relax! Watch the juice! REMEMBER REMEMBER Never tell an audience that you feel nervous This creates a worried vibe in the room Audience reflects the speaker’s attitude: Radiate positive energy. Who should you emulate? Delivery Techniques Delivery Techniques Engage them in the first 90 seconds Personal Anecdote Provocative question Relevant joke Once you have their attention, Don’t Read 3 Ways to deliver: Memorized Extemporaneous Read Posture Posture Back straight Chin up Buttocks under Stomach sucked in Make eye contact Distribute weight evenly on both feet Project voice louder and lower than a normal speaking voice No! Do Not Do Not Rock Sway Say “um’ Say “er” Vocalized pauses Beat on podium Point at crowd Lose eye contact Get cotton mouth Sweat Radiate nervousness Forget to engage the PP Speak until all are ready Pass the 4 minute mark For Next For Next Power Points Proposals Nice! Now, your time to do as you wish! Questions? Questions? No Subtitles Here ...
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