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MGSC 291 Test 2 Review Related Exercises CHAPTER 6 T2, AG1, IC(T3de) Uniform distribution – mean and standard deviation T6, AG1, IC(T3abc) – find probabilities given x values (forward) IC(T3g) – find x values given probabilities (backward) IC(T3f) – percentage within z standard deviations of mean AP1 Normal distribution – using z table T18ab, AG2, IC(T23abc) – forward use of the z table (find probability given x values) T18c, T40, IC(T23de) – backward use of the z table (find x values given probability) T42, IC(T48) – find μ or σ given x value and probability Related Exercises CHAPTER 7 AP1 Sampling methods T18, AG1 Sampling distribution of ݔ̅ T13, AP2 – Point estimate of μ T19, IC(T46e) – Given ݔ̅ , find probabilities using z table T30, AG2, IC(T46e) – Finite population correction factor in ߪ ௫̅ T31, AG3 Sampling distribution of ݌ T12, AG3
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Unformatted text preview: – Point estimate of p T40, IC(T50bc), AG4 – Given ݌ , find probabilities using z table IC(T50d) – Finite population correction factor in ߪ ௣ Related Exercises CHAPTER 8 T12 Using t table IC(T30b), IC(T44d) Finding z value for CI’s AP1,2,3, T5, IC(T44b) CI estimate of μ using z table T16, AG1, T46 CI estimate of μ using t table T36, AG3, IC(T41a) CI estimate of p using z table T28, IC(T44c) Sample size required for estimating μ – an estimate of σ is available T24, AG2, IC(T30a) – estimate σ using ¼ Range T58a, AG4, IC(T41b) Sample size required for estimating p – an estimate of p* is available T58b – estimate p * using 0.5 T# denotes Textbook Problem # AP# denotes Aplia Practice Problem # AG# denotes Aplia Graded Problem # IC(T#) denotes Textbook Problem # covered In-Class via PowerPoint slides...
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