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MGSC 291 Test 1 Review Related Exercises CHAPTER 1 T2, T10, AG2, IC(T11) Elements and Variables (Qualitative and Quantitative) T2, T10, AG3, IC(T11) Scales of measurement: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio AG4, IC(T19) Descriptive vs. Inferential Statistical Methods T22, AG5 Population vs. Sample and Parameter vs. Statistic AG5, IC(T19) Time Series vs. Cross-sectional Data AG4 Observational vs. Experimental Study Related Exercises CHAPTER 2 T3 Bar graph and pie chart T24, T25, AP2 Stem-and-leaf display AG1, AP1, IC(T19) Frequency distribution table T16, AP1, AG2 Histogram T12 Cumulative frequency distribution table AG3, IC(T19) Ogive T16, AG2, AG3 Skewness Related Exercises CHAPTER 3 T4, T60, AP1, AP2, IC(T33) Mean, median, mode T3, AP3, AG1 Percentiles and Quartiles T24, T60, AG1 Variance, standard deviation and coefficient of variation T26, T32, T60, IC(T33) z-scores and outlier detection T38, AP4, IC(T33,T43) Box plot and outlier detection AP3, AP4 Skewness T27, T28, AG3 Chebyshev’s Theorem and the Empirical Rule
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