MORALS AND ETHICS - Pojmans Criticisms of Strong AA I LP...

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Pojman’s Criticisms of Strong AA I. LP presents four arguments in favor of Strong AA, criticizing each in turn. The four arguments are of two kinds: #2, #3. Compensation arguments based on past wrongs #1, #4. Consequentialist arguments based on social benefits Objections: The compensation arguments Are arguments by analogy with identifiable wrongs done consciously and in the past, such as stealing someone’s car Don’t consider wrongs done unconsciously, much harder to identify, and continuing in the present Might be regarded as straw man arguments
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The consequentialist arguments. LP replies: Role Models of one’s own race, sex, etc. 1. Are neither necessary nor sufficient for one’s own success 2. Are insufficient reason to justify preferential hiring or reverse discrimination Diversity [upheld in Grutter v. Bollinger as a legitimate concern of universities] 1. Has positive value only in some situations, such as hiring police in a racially diverse community 2. Is insufficient to override the requirement that we treat individuals as (a) unique individuals, different from all others, and (b) ends in themselves, not
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MORALS AND ETHICS - Pojmans Criticisms of Strong AA I LP...

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