Lectures 1 - -high birth rate-increase in immigration-5...

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Econ History Midterm 2 Lectures, 1/25/11 Topic 3: Development and Expansion of Agriculture and the Development of a Transportation System I. Western Expansion A. Land Acquisition 1. Treaty of Paris, 1783 2. Louisiana Purchase, 1803 wanted access to Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico(had become important port of shipping goods to and from US territory west of the Appalachian Mountains -Jefferson wanted permanent transit rights through city of New Orleans and the surrounding area -Monroe authorized to spend 2 million, but instead we bought the whole thing for $15 million 3. Florida was taken from Spain 1819 4. The Republic of Texas annexed in 1845 1836-American Settlers won independence 5. The Oregon Country, 1846 annexed by treaty with Great Britain 6. The Mexican Cession, 1848 1840’s – Manifest Destiny in US: Extends “boundaries of freedom” to others by imparting their idealism and belief in democratic institutions to those capable of self-government Regardless of all the above we still had:
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Unformatted text preview: -high birth rate-increase in immigration-5 million in 1800 23 million in 1850-2 depressions in 1818 and 1839 1821 Mexico won independence from Spain-Government volatile, fractured-Settlement was a political agenda Led us to the Mexican War (1846-1848) 13,000 Americans died, even more Mexicans died (much of this was because of disease)-Mexico lost nearly ½ its territory-Sold most of region for $18 million-Sold the rest 5 years later – “Gadsden Purchase”, 1853 Econ History 111A 2/1/11 B. What should be done with the enormous 1.2 billion acres of land? i. Sold for full value(high prices, big lots) Federalists(Alexander Hamilton) Extracting high revenues from land-Strengthen Federal Governemnt Feeding reassure is good for public good-discourage settlement Less agriculture encourage manufacturing(in what land we have-Be good for current landowners(their land value with decrease if we suddenly open the new land to everyone...
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Lectures 1 - -high birth rate-increase in immigration-5...

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