MGT166 LECTURE NOTES - - - ecology of commerce, an oxymoron...

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- ecology of commerce, “ an oxymoron speaks to the gap between how the earth lives and how we now conduct our commercial lives” (29) - business is the practice of the possible: highly develpd and intelligent in many respects, it is, however, not a science (31) - business is over because “it did not honor the myriad forms of life that secure and connect its own breath and skin and heart to the breath and skin and heart of our earth.” (32) - business parlance = specific rarefied and borrowed language o useful when it describes the mechanics of commerce but fails when try to connect it with bio society or feeling o pg 36 - business doesn’t discern whether the profit is one of quality or mere quantity - business: what it takes, what it makes, and what it wastes (38) - “Each person in America produces twice his weight per day in household, hazardous, and industrial waste, and an additional half-ton per week when gaseous wastes such as carbon dioxide are included” (38) - business has 2 contradictory orces operating upon it: the need to achieve the lowest price in order to thrive if not survive in the marketplace and the increasingly urgent social demand that it internalize the expense of acting more responsibily towards the environment – pg 39 RICK CRANDELL: ALBERTSONS - WHATS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT GREEN - why should we care? - What am I going to get out of it? - What does it have to do with business? - I only deliver what you want to buy? - Who is going to pay for this? - WHAT IS SUSTAINABILITY - Actions, lifestyles and products that meet current needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to mee theirs - Business strategies and practices that promote the long term well being of the environment, society and the bottom line - Environmental stewardship is a subset of sustainability which is a subset of corporate responsibility - Environmental stewardship encompasses: o Actions that we take as SUPERVALU o Actions we drive with our suppliers - Supervalu = Albertsons, acme, farm fresh, jewel Osco, shop n save, lucky, cub foods, etc - Environmental stewardship goals o Reduce carbon footprint by 10% o Reduce landfill waste by 50% in 5 years o Build green culture with SUPERVALU associates through education, communication and engagement
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o Provide green products and services to our customers that support them in meeting their personal environmental goals - dc = distribution center - UNDERSTANDING ENERGY COST - Avg cost of energy - $.12/kWh - Utilities cose – 3 rd largest expense behind labor and workers group - Roi – return on investment WEEK 3: TUESDAY LECTURE - Corporate climate responsibility and the Conscious Consumer - - The roots of coporate climate leadership - In 2005, stony field farm CEO gary hirshberg … blahblahblah (look at slides) - COMMUNICATING CLIMATE AT EVERY LEVEL - Opportunity for companies to lead cosumers on climate action has never been greater - This is a post greenwashing world o Silence is not markedly different from inaction, prevents consumers,
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MGT166 LECTURE NOTES - - - ecology of commerce, an oxymoron...

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