SOCIOLOGY 1 - The Study of Society SOCI 1 rose hill...

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The Study of Society SOCI 1 rose hill : [email protected] - COURSE INTRO: 6/27/11 - 1. Sociology’s history o Sociology developed in mid 19 th century o Enlightenment thinking- European social observers began to use scientific methods to explain their world and test their ideas o The following factors played an integral role in sociologys development: ---v o Industrial revolution – significant changes in the way people lived their lives o Political revolutions in US and France – rethinking of ideas about social life and social order o Development of imperialism – as Europeans conquered other nations, they came in contact with different cultures and began to ask why cultures varied o Success of natural sciences – created a desire to apply scientific methods to understand the social world o Founding fathers of sociology Karl Marx (1818-1883, germany) Max Weber (1864-1920, germany) Emile Durkheim (1858- 1970, france) o Sociology a relatively young field- still closely tired to it’s found fathers - 2. What’s sociology o SOCI comes from latin word socius – companion, friend, associate, also root word of society o OLOGY from logos – scientific study of something o SOCIOLOGY – scientific study of interactions between companions, friends and associate in society o The common definition: the scientific study of society o Alternate definition: the systematic application of empathy o How does sociological thinking differ from that of other social sciences? Psychology Anthropology Economics Political science - 3. The sociological perspective - what does it mean to think sociologically? o Each individual is shaped significantly by his/her environment and social context o These contextual factors can exercise constraint or facilitate certain outcomes
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o Systematically observing and understanding the patterns of these factors can help us understand their causes o A simple idea – we are affected by our environments o A challenging shift – this perspective can be difficult to internalize (we’ll talk more about why in the coming weeks) o This course is setup to help you develop this perspective and understand - 4. Course design and syllabus - SIDEWALK: movie o Sidewalk 1999 is a book by sociologist Mitch Duneier o An ethnography of streeth vendors in Greenwich Village, NY o Ethnographic film released in 2010 - the film provides a glimpse into the lives of street vendors, many of whom are homeless - the film depicts several bahaviors - In Class Exercise: - To do now: have you had experiences with street vendors or behaviors like these in the past? How did you feel? - Do you think that streeth vendors play a positive or negative role in their communities? Why? o
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SOCIOLOGY 1 - The Study of Society SOCI 1 rose hill...

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