NPB168-lecture4 - -img pig ileum intestine Relative...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Pharmacological Effects CNs [opiates?] -drowsiness -decrease sensitivity to stimuli -loss of anxiety and inhibitions -muscle relaxation -pain reliever -decrease concentration -ANS-cardio and respieratory depression Higher Doses -Onset of euphoria/elation -nausea -"good suck" -learn-consistently paired with euphoria Overdose -drowsiness -> lloss of consciousness -Respiratory depression = pons and medulla are soo depressed, they no longer cycle the CO2 cycle, and you don't experienc e - lacking oxygenated blood in the brain, and body shuts down Gastronintestinal tract - decrease tonus and motility of smooth muscle of stomach and intestines -slower passage of contents thru tract - increase in H2O absorption - solidity of feces -constipation Bio-Assay -use of biological system to predict the potential effect of a drug
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Unformatted text preview: -img pig ileum intestine Relative potencies of Opioid Analgesics Perfect correlation R=1 (a)Localization of mu receptors-mostly widely distributed-analgesia - medial thalamus, periaqueductal gray, median raphe, spinal cord-reinforcement-nucleus accumbens(NAc)-limbic-autonomic function-brain stem, medulla, area postretia (b)Localization of delta receptors-more restricted distribution-olfaction (bulbs)- motor integration neocortex, striatum substantia-reinforcement NAc (c)Localization of kappa receptors-most restricted distribution-analgesia - periaquductal gray(PAG), raphe nuc., spinal cord, locus coeruleus-horizontal control-temperature, thirst, food intake,-hypothalamus and pituitary Sheet1 Page 2-disphoria-amygdala, NAl...
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NPB168-lecture4 - -img pig ileum intestine Relative...

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