8.19.11 - o Proof of blacks ludicrous ability to adapt to...

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8/19/11 Up to today for Midterm Movie: Ethnic Notions Icons of how black people are perceived. Don’t really look like that, so why do  we like to look at them? Consequences of caricatures, how did they mold racial society Sambo: laughing black man o Revelating in the easy pleasure of food, life , and song. Life childlike o 1820s, Rice - Jim Crow (white man that performed in black face) o Jim Crow character (dancing jumping black man, exaggerated imitation of  crippled jumping black man) o Devastating image, but people bought it as a black image o Evolved into the popular sambo o Minstrels People trying to get rid of slavery while others exaggerating the caricatures  even more Whites liked to think of their blacks as sambos, but never could have operated  their plantations with sambos and they knew that Zipcoon – baffoon, imitation of whites
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Unformatted text preview: o Proof of blacks ludicrous ability to adapt to freedom • Mammy – evolved as defense of slavery o Fat, black, and happy to serve master o Docile, loyal, and protective of white house o Indication that she understood the value of society o Antithesis of white lady (no virginity and beauty that would make her a value to society) o Stripped of sexual allure o If she were to be a sexual being she would be a threat to the mistress because she would then be capable of being desired by master of house (know from history that was very possible and not what people wanted to project about plantation life.) o Strong leader in her family (supposed to show how blacks are inferior, women are strong and men are weak) when the female should be dependent and subordinate...
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8.19.11 - o Proof of blacks ludicrous ability to adapt to...

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