Brief History of Race in Early America

Brief History of Race in Early America - o induced...

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Brief History of Race in Early America 1790-U.S. population Homogeneous – WASP (white anglo-saxon protestant) o lack of English emigration lack of people leaving England to come to colonies, so that is why they  allowed colored/other race/religious people to come into colonies o indentured servitude: system whereby a settler was provided  transportation in exchange for 7 years of labor trying to induce people to leave o Englishmen returned back home Colonies short of people, workers, needed more people for their  economy o 1718 – labor shortage in England labor shortage in both places, now England restricting amount of  Englishmen that could leave England, now really restricted colonies
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Unformatted text preview: o induced immigration from non-english populations even though they didn’t like them, they needed them o Constitutional Convention 1787/1790 Naturalization Act Immigrants could come if they came for two years they could naturalize and become citizens (after 2 years) They didn’t want too many non English to come and come into power, so would force certain people to wait 7 years to become member of congress, and 9 years for senate. Early inclusion of people who weren’t WASP wasn’t because they accepted diversity, it was because they needed workers....
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