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Components of Culture - i.e prostitution drugs stealing o...

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Components of Culture o Symbol: anything that is used to communicate meaning or to represent  meaning Material, building, communicate the idea of academic space with  school building, church for place to worship. Non material: gestures, face expressions, communicates meaning o Language: system of symbols that is designed to represent tangible  objects, as well as thoughts and ideas. Name stuff o Norms: expectations or rules of behavior o Folkways: informal norms within a culture that are not strictly enforced i.e. men’s bathroom “rules”, wearing clothes o Mores: strongly held norms that are strictly enforced
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Unformatted text preview: i.e. prostitution, drugs, stealing o Taboos: mores so strong that their violation is considered to be extremely offensive and even unmentionable i.e. Incest, necrophilia o Laws: formal norms that have been enacted by legislative bodies o Sanctions: rewards for appropriate behavior or penalties for inappropriate behavior What keep society together, in order. Get good grades, good driving record. Penalties that society votes will teach you a lesson so you won’t do it again....
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