Cultural Hierarchies

Cultural Hierarchies - o Capitalist elite used different...

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8/9/11 Cultural Hierarchies What Makes Popular Culture, Popular? Popular Culture: the aesthetic products created and sold by profit seeking  firms operating in the global entertainment market o Favorable to a wide audience o Universal o Ever-changing o Largely an urban phenomenon o Mass-produced Making culture in bulk o Commercialized Made to make money o Assumed to be unsophisticated, ordinary, or of low taste o Belongs to the masses Ownership, pop culture belongs to the people, giving them what they  want Determine how long it lasts High and Low Culture Before the Industrial Revolution, people mostly listened to folk music 19 th  Century o Emergence of American upper class groups
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Unformatted text preview: o Capitalist elite used different forms of culture to set themselves apart from the rest of society o Highbrow vs. Lowbrow culture High forehead imply you were intellectual, low forehead you were lower class, pseudoscience of analyzing people’s faces to determine personalities o Conspicuous consumption Association between one’s identity and behavior. Purchasing power. As you accumulate wealth you buy more stuff to signify status. Don’t finish your meal because you don’t need it. Waste stuff, you don’t even need what you have....
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Cultural Hierarchies - o Capitalist elite used different...

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