Dimensions of Culture

Dimensions of Culture - Going to school for academic degree...

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8/8/11 Dimensions of Culture What is Culture? Culture o The language, beliefs, values, customs, knowledge, and material objects  that are passes from one generation to the next in a human group or  society Types of Culture o Material – everything that is a part of our constructed environment Cars, buildings, houses, clothes, anything tangible o Non-material – values, beliefs, behaviors, and social norms o How we view social world and how we use those views to interact with  material world Perspectives on culture o Culture = human – nature Human creativity, humans are using nature to improve humanity Agriculture, ways we use nature like cutting trees, using our creativity  to create stuff with nature. Whatever is not natural is culture o Culture = (superior) man – (inferior) man
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Unformatted text preview: Going to school for academic degree vs. vocational school. What makes fine art? Violin vs. drums. System of stratification, people on bottom for “bad taste”. Lobster of ramen noodles. Good culture and what is not good culture. Good culture makes you better than someone who doesn’t have that o Culture = man – machine Man is using machines to be creative, do what we couldn’t do before. Machines providing what humans can not. Providing bridge between gap in cultures What’s left after. The internet, improving ones ability to provide culture. TV, radio, allowed to expand audiences. Cars. Using combo of technology and man to create something good....
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Dimensions of Culture - Going to school for academic degree...

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