Domino Effects of Segregation

Domino Effects of Segregation - o Decline in services good...

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Domino Effects of Segregation White Flight o Moving whether fear is real or not, vicious racist notion against non whites,  whites leaving area when non whites move in Decreasing property values o If whites are leaving, then value goes down, Increase in taxes o Richer neighborhoods have lower taxes, as whites leave taxes go up so  now poor people can’t afford to live there Services suffer, disappear
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Unformatted text preview: o Decline in services, good schools leaving, bad schools are left, grocery stores leave, banks leave • Neighborhoods become dumping grounds o Filled with poor people, can put a waste plant there, now leads to poor health o Urban renewal o Rent is higher in the cities than the suburb, higher pollution, higher concentration of population to fight for jobs...
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