How do we know what we know

How do we know what we know - differences o Can we separate...

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8/5/11 How do we know what we know? Who am I? Friend, animal lover, caring person, hard worker, extrovert, fun lover, goofy,  appreciative, family oriented, social, intelligent, sporty Pattern: relationships, cultures, relationship to social role Connect our personal identity to what we do as opposed to what we are Recognize what we can do for others rather than what we are o Problem: trying to please others rather than accept yourself, do we really  have free will if we are dependent on others to find who we are? Socialization Socialization: the process by which people learn their culture Nature (biology) vs. Nurture (environment) o Twining studies Measuring twins through life course to see if they are the same based  on character Usually find that they don’t. depending on where they live determines 
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Unformatted text preview: differences o Can we separate the two? o Individuals are flexible and adaptable to the environment one finds themselves in • Consequences of Social Isolation o Case of “Anna” Young girl born out of wedlock, grandfather did not approve of her, wanted to put her up for adoption, no one wanted her, he took her back, because of the shame she was bringing to family she was put in attic with no contact, only when mother would bring her milk. Social workers found her, she couldn’t talk or use limbs, year or two worked with her, initially got better then eventually died. Lack of socialization makes it hard for us to develop...
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