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How to Create Segregated Neighborhoods

How to Create Segregated Neighborhoods - speculators to...

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How to Create Segregated Neighborhoods Redlining: the practice of lenders refusing to lend money or extend credit to  borrowers in certain “struggling” area of town Reverse Redlining: occurs when a lender or insurer particularly targets  minority consumers, not to deny them loans or insurance, but rather to charge   them more than would be charged to a similarly situated majority consume Restrictive Covenants: contractual agreements among property owners which  barred homeowners from selling or leasing their homes to nonwhites Blockbusting: refers to the efforts of real-estate agents and real-estate 
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Unformatted text preview: speculators to trigger the turnover of white-owned property and homes to African Americans o Fear tactics o Real estate agent Making profit • Racial steering: refers to the practice engaged in by some property owners, brokers, and managers of steering white home and apartment seekers into white areas, while steering equally creditworthy black prospects into black and racially changing areas o Still seen today o Whites tend to live in areas with low poverty...
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