Impersonality - manifest at every stage. By id, the...

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Impersonality Organizations operate without regard to individuals  feelings and needs, stick to guidelines and laws Written rules of conduct Promotion based on achievement Want to seem efficient so they can move up in power Specialized division of labor One large organization with different offices Efficiency How can we get what we want on the cheap with the least amount  of problems as quickly as possible o This university, financial aid office, registrar office, all examples of  bureaucracy o Suggests they can be very cold sometimes Iron Cage o Imagine the consequences of that comprehensive bureaucratization and  rationalization which already today we see approaching. Already now. . in  all economic enterprises run on modern lines, rational calculation is 
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Unformatted text preview: manifest at every stage. By id, the performance of each individual worker is mathematically measure, each man becomes a little cog in the machine and, aware of this, his on preoccupation is whether he can become a bigger cog It is apparent today we are proceeding towards an evolution which resembles [the ancient kingdom of Egypt] in every detail, except that it is built on other foundations, on technically more perfect, more rationalized, and therefore much more mechanized foundations. The problem which besets us now is not how can this evolution be changes? Thor that is impossible, but what will come of it. o Thinks we cant change...
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