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It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Black or White How did Jews become white folks? Jewish initially not seen as white for religious and economic reasons o Jews only southeastern European group coming from urban, commercial,  and manufacturing backgrounds o Jews 1 st  white ethnic group to enter college in significant numbers o Anti-Semitism “normal” in elite college culture Colleges tried to exclude jews from higher education as much as  possible o Post-WWII: Jewish opportunities expanded Degree of anti-Semitism decreased
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Unformatted text preview: Change in university system, shift to emphasizing more professional studies (law, doctors, etc.) 1944 GI Bill o Most massive affirmative action program Allocating benefits to particular groups of people o Money during job search, loans to open up businesses, low interest loans, and educational benefits o Helped mostly white male GIs Women that participated were not seen as veterans so excluded Blacks seen as inferior and discharged so technically not a veteran...
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