Merchants of Cool

Merchants of Cool - the pack that have the personality to...

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Movie: Merchants of Cool Documentary about what is pop culture and its relationship with the audience.  What is cool and not cool. How pop culture affects how we define ourselves.  Big business controls what we should and should not be buying.  Advertisement how they are related to bringing in younger people to buy their  stuff On midterm Teens given guilt money from parents to keep them happy since they can’t  spend time with them. Cool hunting: search for certain personality. Look for kids that are ahead of 
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Unformatted text preview: the pack that have the personality to get the other kids to follow the trend. • By discovering cool you force it to move in a new direction. You actually kill the trend that is currently popular. • 5 giant big businesses in charge of marketing to teens o Viacom biggest In charge of MTV • Mook for boys and Midriffs for girls • Feedback loop of media and teen actions...
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