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More than class o Class (economic position) Relationship between individuals and the means of production More complicated than Marx suggests, can’t just look at who owns the  mean of production For Marx class is the important variable Also distribution and consumption Purchase power and distribution power o Status (honor) Character, people who don’t have money but have high levels of status  in society (Martin Luther King Jr.) o Party (political power) Have the opportunity to decide who gets status and who doesn’t, who  gets to produce, and distribute goods, what prices are, etc. o Goalistic form of stratification, how is it that some people have, and some  people don’t
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Unformatted text preview: Types of Authority o Traditional Authority Based on appeals to the past and or a long est. way of doing things The royal family, queen, tradition Power comes from a long line of tradition o Charismatic Authority Based on the “supernatural” appeal of an individual Malcom X, MLK o Rational-Legal Based on legal, impersonal rules President, elected officials Guidelines for people to achieve power • Bureaucracy: a goal-oriented organization designed according to rational principles in order to efficiently attain its stated goals o The ideal bureaucracy includes: Hierarchy of authority Having superiors, reporting to someone else...
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