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Movie The House We Live In

Movie The House We Live In - • 1910 – the Melting Pot...

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8/17/11 Movie: The House We Live In – Race Race is an illusion, skin color, eye color/shape, hair color and texture o Come with historical assumption and history People think that by looking at a person you can tell more subtle  characteristics about them based on race o You don’t see race, you think you see race Race means nothing unless we give it social meaning and people act on  those characteristics What makes race are the laws and practices that affect chances and  opportunities based on those differences Immigrants valued for labor, but feared (seen as lazy, promiscuous, etc.) Forcing of them into poor paying jobs and disease infested living situations  enforced stereotypes of different races
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Unformatted text preview: • 1910 – the Melting Pot : melt down all races and make Americans • whiteness is privilege of opportunity and exclusive • FHA stated that the presence of even one or two non white families could destroy the housing industry in recently created suburbias • 1968 – fair housing act o non white families could move in to traditionally white housing areas o housing market used fear of blacks in neighborhood to get whites to sell their homes quick and at low price so that they could sell it to people of color • Government actively making decisions to tell people that poor people are making things worse and causing problems...
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